They're Back! Revisiting Citrus Cottony Cushion Scale

They're Back! In a post back in September 2012 I described my battle with the Citrus Cottony Cushion Scale on my container citrus. They are a very destructive citrus pest, one I thought I had beaten. Not so! Since I was unable to get photos of this pest for the original post, I thought I'd update with some photos I was able to get from my current infestation. For complete commentary on my experience battling these little critters, you may want to read my first post. I think these photos are pretty graphic and amazing!

Here you can see the Farmer Ants working their Scale! Once the Scale lays her eggs, the ants move them around the tree. The Scale themselves don't move very far so getting rid of the ants is as important as defeating the Scale!

The scale themselves are not really this big. The greater part of what you see is the egg sack.

I mushed the egg sack so you can see the little eggs inside. They're orange!

Fascinating! But, I'd rather just be done with Citrus Cottony Cushion Scale!


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