Quite . . .

I found some quite clever aprons on Pinterest. Not a surprise, I'm sure.

Quite Clever Pinterest Apron - Redoux of a man's shirt.

I was quite captivated with the concept and wanted to make one - which turned into "some". So, off to the thrift store(s) I went to purchase the necessary materials - men's shirts. After a couple of trips to my favorite haunts, I had quite a few in different colors.

I've made the prototype - which is quite nice - and quite a learning experience - as now will only fit someone quite small. That would be my daughter, Kelsey. Don't tell, it's a birthday surprise.

In all, I really like how this first one turned out, especially the flowers I made to adorn the pocket. I used the fabric from three of the shirts and mixed and matched different sizes. The result is quite cute!

Which makes me quite happy! Yes, quite!


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