Outdoor Kitchen, Please

Sunset Magazine Demonstration Kitchen
Here in California, outdoor kitchens have been all the rage for many years. You could pick up just about any upscale home and garden magazine, and there was an article with pictures of the most awesome outdoor kitchen spaces. Yes, awesome, and expensive, and completely over the top! Not what I have in mind!

I have been thinking about doing an outdoor kitchen for a some time, and more seriously the last couple of years. Growing up, some folks down the road from our family cabin had a screened in kitchen that they used in the summers, they actually called it the Summer Kitchen. It was a completely separate building, big enough to have a table and chairs and small efficiency kitchen. Later, when they built a new home, they moved the concept into the house and had two kitchens, jokingly, a his and a her's. As a youngster, to me, having two kitchens made no sense, but now, in addition to a traditional indoor kitchen, I have a longing for an outdoor one, too.

I want something more than just a grill or a cob pizza oven, and way less than those glossy magazine model kitchens. I also have a longing to build what's called a rocket mass heater that burns just a bit of wood to get a lot of heat. That's what got me thinking.

I have what is called a rocket stove from a company called Stove-Tec offered
Stove-Tec Wood and Charcoal Fuel Stoves
by the “not-just-for-profit” wing of the Aprovecho Research Center and
invented by Dr. Larry Winiarski. Profits from sales of the stoves benefit the Center’s research. 

It is made in America and is sent to developing countries where women cook over open fires and much of their wood fuel has been depleted. For the most part, in developed countries it is purchased for camping, or the preparedness community. 

Amazingly, as reported by the Stove-Tec Company, 

"It uses 40-50% less fuel and reduces emissions by 40-75% while reducing green house gas (GHG) emissions an estimated 60% or 1-2 tons per year. These stoves are preferred over other improved cook stoves and three stone fires by 95% of users in Uganda. High adoption and preference reported in India, South Africa, Ethiopia and Chile proves the stoves great versatility among many different users.”

Recho Rocket Kitchen

While continuing to research rocket stoves on the internet, I've seen the rocket stove concept used in making rocket kitchens, really rough models built in developing countries.  I could do that, but my hubby would want something more attractive sitting in our backyard. 

This thought was in my head when one day while researching, and walla, I find it! It's called the EcoStove made in Brazil. They have theirs indoors, but I want mine outdoors. It' s a combination rocket cooktop and rocket oven!

Ecofogão ~ EcoStove used in Brazil

AND, it is beautiful to behold!

I truly believe if you ask for something the Universe will conspire to make it happen for you. So I'm putting this out there. Nancy to Universe - I want an Ecofogão EcoStove outdoor kitchen! Thank you!

For more information and sites with a host of different Rocket Mass Heaters, Rocket Stoves, and Rocket Kitchens, visit my Pinterest Board where I have lots of them pinned!


  1. Hi!
    You must love to cook! I do too! Good luck with your outdoor kitchen! Stopping in for A-Z!

  2. An outdoor kitchen sounds like fun, especially in a place that is blessed with fantastic weather.

    Have fun with a-z.


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