15th Annual Fungus Foray and Wild Mushrrom Exposition

In recent years I've gotten more and more interested in mushrooms. A couple of years ago a friend found a gigantic white "puff ball" of a mushroom out in his pasture. He assured me it was safe to eat, so we cooked it up and it was amazing. Only later he confessed that he really didn't know if it was safe to eat or not. Yikes! There are mushroom kits you can purchase and lots of Youtube videos about growing mushrooms. The Northern California foothills is the perfect mushroom growing environment. I found this wonderful event being held in our area and so am really excited to attend. Imagine over a hundred different types of mushrooms - literally in my backyard!
Courtsey of Daniel Nicholson - Yuba Watershed Institute

The 15th Annual Fungus Foray
Collecting and Identifying: Saturday, December 8th, Rain or Shine, 9AM. to 4PM
At the North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center Admission - $20 general, $18 for YWI members; half day- $12, Under 18 Free

Join us on Saturday, December 8th as we foray into the Yuba Watershed’s fungal hotspots to collect, identify and discuss the area’s incredible diversity of mushrooms. Our traditional Saturday morning wild mushroom hunt and identification will wrap up with an afternoon of displayed discoveries and educational workshops. Wild-crafted food concessions and mushroom merchandise available for sale. Bring a lunch and be prepared to walk in the woods. Also useful: collection basket, waxed paper bags, knife, and hand lens. After a morning presentation, we assemble foraging groups and head out with local and regional mycologists and naturalist guides to collect more than one hundred varieties of mushrooms. The foraging is followed by identification workshops, discussions, and hot mushroom soup. 

The Second Annual Nevada City Wild Mushroom Exposition
Sunday, December 9th, 11AM to 5PM
At The Stonehouse, 107 Sacramento St. in Nevada City
Admission - $10 general, $8 for YWI members, $5 for Students, Under 13 Free

The Wild Mushroom Exposition on Sunday, December 9 will be packed with presentations, displays, and identification workshops based on our local seasonal mushrooms. The bounty of mushrooms collected at the foray will be on display. Presentations and lectures by local and Californian mycologists and naturalists will be happening all day. Lectures will cover cultivation, edible varieties, identification tips, exotic and rare fungi, and more. Fungus-inspired activities for children will be present as well. Mush
room related merchandise, wild-crafted food concessions, a wild mushroom vendor (Kingofmushrooms.com) will be offering real gourmet truffles for sale, books, mushroom cultivation supplies and kits (from mushroomadventures.com), medicinal herbs and mushroom products all be will available for sale.
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Daniel Nicholson, YWI Board member, and local mycologist, 530-292-3589 or danmadrone@gmail.com; for general information visit www.yubawatershedinstitute.org

You can read an article on mushroom gathering in the Auburn Journal that includes Daniel Nicholson as one of the mycologist interviewed.


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