Let's Get Started - Again!

This is not a new site. Well, it is - sort of. I actually started this a couple of years ago, and then as life has a habit of doing, it got in the way. I took the old site down and let my domain name wither. Or so I thought. At that time it was Urge to Preserve. The site's purpose then, and still is, to gather what I know and what I learn and posting it here. By passing on and sharing, it's a way to preserve it. However, when I checked my old domain name, it had been taken and "parked" and is up for sale. The price? $350.00. Wow. Now it is really cool that my brain child name is valued by someone at that price, but . . . . ! So, my compromise is to use THE Urge To Preserve. And, so it is!
What will you find here? First I will be posting some of the old site to get started. Then I will be updating with new projects, ideas, and interesting "things" I've found. I have a passion for learning, am a storehouse of trivia, and hope to pass on fascinating topics as I uncover them.

I hope you will check back often and find value here. I also hope that perhaps it will be a place where like minded readers will connect and share, too! I'm on Twitter and will have Facebook and Pinterest pages up soon! So, please stop by there also!

Welcome to the new THE Urge to Preserve!



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